Advice For Common Yoga Injuries

Many yoga practitioners are plagued with a variety of injuries which can be caused by yoga. Healthcare professionals don’t always understand what yoga practice is typically composed of, especially the more athletic styles, like Ashtanga and vinyasa-flow yoga and so they can’t always give us explanations for some very common yoga injury issues.
Yogis themselves often don’t understand the physical effects of many postures, and wonder why they suffer from chronic pain.
Some of these problems are a result of poor technique, but others are a result of posture sequencing.

After a lot of research, I decided to create a forum to share information about body mechanics so that yogis can get some insight into the causes of their yoga injuries, and to translate technical anatomy-speak into language that the average person can understand.

There is no substitute for professional assessment and treatment and anyone reading this information is urged to seek medical advice for yoga injuries.

DO NOT diagnose yourself, only try to learn more about the hows and whys of yoga injury, and modify your yoga practice accordingly.

Any suggestions given are based on experience but anyone who has problems is strongly advised to get professional diagnosis and treatment, and to practice yoga with a qualified teacher.

  • Information supplied here is to broaden your understanding of the physical effects of yoga.
  • No responsibility can be assumed for those who take a DIY approach to their yoga injuries.
  • Reading sources are supplied for those who want to pursue their own research.

This is the blog version of a Facebook group, which was started earlier this year. I decided to extend into a blog format because I can illustrate my posts here, something that isn’t available in the current Facebook format. The group is still running and can be found at Yoga Anatomy for the Perplexed
The posts will be available here on WordPress as well as on Facebook so you are welcome to follow from either source.

If you would like to contact me via email, you can do so here:

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Niki, I saw that you “liked” my blog so I wanted to check out yours too. Yoga Anatomy for the Perplexed is a great resource! I enjoy yoga myself, but in some instances I’ve had wrist or knee pain. I will continue to enjoy your blog and use it as a reference. And thank you for checking out Here’s To Our Health too. The more info we have in the health field, the better! Cheers!


  2. Hi Niki – I was at your workshop on Thursday. Just wanted to say thanks again for a very inspiring and educational session. I’m so grateful that you are sharing all the knowledge and understanding you have worked to gain around Si issues and yoga. A real blessing!!
    See you again,


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